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Techniques for your self-organization – S&P seminars

Techniques for your self-organization – S+P seminars – Funding Possible – Seminar No. E14

Optimizing your own working style – setting priorities – preventing back delegation

  • Techniques for your self-organization and personal time management
  • Eliminating faults and thieves skillfully
  • If ´s goes too slow again: successfully delegate and achieve goals safely
  • Quickly and constructively achieve results in meetings
  • Conflicts and misunderstandings – unnecessary time thieves!


Techniques for your self-organization
Techniques for your self-organization – S+P seminars


Your benefits with the seminar Techniques for your self-organization

Day 1:

  • Techniques for your personal time management
  • Optimizing your own working style
  • Effective time management in the team

Day 2:

  • Successfully delegate – Prevent back delegation
  • Techniques for effective meetings and meetings
  • Resist and conflict efficiently

Techniques for your personal time management – Techniques for your self-organization

> Saving time by self-organization: Managing your workplace properly and accelerating internal processes

> Set priorities correctly – which ones are really important?

> Self-management instead of time management: consistent handling of new tasks and information overload

> Detecting and successfully preventing thieves

> Systematically plan, outline and manage workflows

> Successful networks – how your network can help you

+ S+P Checklist: How do I organize my workplace correctly?

+ S+P Checklist: The ABC analysis – setting priorities correctly

+ S+P Test: Identify your time thieves and timeeaters


Effective time management in the team – Techniques for your self-organization

> Tasks and time windows in the team communicate

> Lead employees with goals: formulate goals smart

> Communication techniques in the target Agreement interview

> How do I motivate my team? Faster processes due to higher motivation

> Selectively delegate – Assign tasks to the right team members

> Constructive feedback conversations lead

> What if the employee does not reach the milestones?

+ S+P Management tool: Successful goal setting processes

+ S+P Management tool: Effectively manage target agreement conversations


Successfully delegate-Prevent back delegation – Techniques for your self-organization

> Properly delegate right from the start

> Actively listening: making conversations successful

> In critical situations, take the helm – techniques for effective conversational steering

> Overcome the 6 most common communication hurdles in the meeting

> Group dynamic processes control and use

> Use question techniques and make decisions

> Prevent information loss: Log results and create action plan

+ Case Study 1: The Art of asking the right questions
+ Case Study 2: Steer discussions and make decisions


> Alls, quarrelsome and shy: techniques for dealing with different personality types

> Change of perspective – taking into account different perspectives and creating misunderstanding from the world

> deal with killer phrases and rule violations correctly

> defuse and deescalate: 5 Strategies for successful conflict resolution

Effectively mastering resistance and conflict – Techniques for your self-organization

> If the group doesn’t want to: selectively dissolve resistors

+ Case Study 3: Securing success, learning from mistakes
+ Case Study 4: „Rules of the game“ agree on the project team
+ Case Study 5: Skillfully visualizing


Techniques for your self-organization – Leadership seminars

Seminar Führen:  Projektmanagement

Seminar Führen:  Führung und Personalentwicklung

Seminar Führen:  Die 8 erfolgreichsten Führungstechniken

Seminar Führen:  Führen mit System

Seminar Führen:  Souverän entscheiden – besser führen

Seminar Führen: Führung für Projektleiter

Seminar Führen:  Konfliktmanagement

Seminar Führen:  Führungsstärke gezielt einsetzen

Seminar Kommunikation:  Erfolgreiche Assistenz

Seminar Kommunikation:  Kommunikationstraining

Seminar Kommunikation:  Zielvereinbarung

Techniques for your self-organization