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Clarity, prioritization and commitment – S&P Seminars

Clarity, prioritization and commitment – S+P Seminars:

Target agreement as a management tool

> Formulate transparent goals as a control and management tool

> SMART-How to proof goals and formulate them correctly

> Get a picture of the teamsituation  – where do we stand?

> Distinction of 5 target types; for an effective

objective agreement

> Target agreement and feedback discussions are success-oriented

to lead

> From the target agreement to the variable remuneration

The participants receive the

+ S+P Tool: Effectively manage target agreement discussions

+ S+P Guide: Target Agreement Discussion


Leadership through competence and skills – S+P Seminars

>Strong in the role of a leader: necessary skills in the business of aleadingposition

>Authoritarian or laissez-faire? Effect of different leadership styles

>The 4 types of employees: Successful leadership with the DISG —Concept!

>Delegate personality fairly

>Centralized management tools systematic and appropriateuse

The participants receive:

+ Case studies to choose the “right” leadership style

+ S+P Tool: Correct  delegation – test your delegation strength!

+ S & P Test: Leadership


7 steps to a strong team – S+P Seminars

>How do I get the team for myself and the company?

>Top performance through targeted team development — what is important?

>Taking a picture of the teamsituation – where do we stand?

>Selection of the right team leader

>Recognize structures and roles in groups and use them

>Appreciation, success, sympathy: Motivation as a driving force for maximum power

>Set performance incentives correctly, increase performance, high performanceKeep level

The participants receive:

+ Case studies to build top performance teams

+ S+P Check: Leading high performance teams properly

+ S+P Check: recognize team phases safely

+ S+P test: Which leadership style in which phase?


Conduct conflict and criticism talks successfully

>Slow overload, unrealistic goals, hard Decisions – Stay in control of the situation!

>Leading headstrong leaders

>Conversational skills for difficult employees

>Low performers in the team! Techniques for performance improvement

>Legally secure handling of permanent underachievement

>“Ugly“ employee converations: critical discussion, warning andtermination

The participants receive:

+ Case studies: Solutions for demanding leadership situations

+ S & P Guide: Systematically identifying low performers

+ S & P Test: Talk with instinct


Recognize conflicts quickly and solve them successfully – S+P Seminars

> Knowing signals and basic patterns of conflicts — grab preventive measures

> The 9 escalation levels in a conflict — How can I intervene?

> Effective conflict management strategies

> Successful conversation techniques for a constructive criticism conversation

> Arrange and follow conflict resolution

> Help! What to do if I am in conflict myself?

The participants receive:

+ Case studies: Develop solutions and negotiation strategies for demanding conflict situations.

+ S & P Guide: Techniques for successful conflict resolution

+ S & P Test: How good is your conflict management?